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 What’s Emityz?

Turn your Vision Into a Realityانطلق من هنا
HI2 your Doorway to Innovation
HI2 your Doorway to Innovation
A 'uniquely crafted' incubation program in Dubai, the entrepreneurial capital of the region. Over 500 businesses have been established, taken root, grown, and graduated in our incubator's entrepreneurial environment since 2002.



Emtiyz is a unique service offered by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises in Dubai to educate, support and develop Franchise business in the region to create an integrated community and provide the services required through Emtiyz Membership.

Service Objectives:

  • Reduce the risks of business failure
  • Spread the culture of commercial excellence
  • Export UAE tags, marks, brands and services
  • Import distinctive tags, marks, brands, and services
  • Create an integrated community of excellence
  • Invest in local and small tags, marks, brands and services
  • Increase innovation and create new ideas
  • Spur economic growth

For Brand Care: 800 2686
Phone: 04 268 9892

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