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An Ecosystem for a Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Key Programs and Initiatives of Dubai SME

Dubai SME’s initiatives are targeted at enhancing support at all levels of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, ranging from education to incubation to financing support.

Policy-level Programs

- Facilitation in business licensing
- MOUs with specific free zones and government entities
- 5% with local government
- 10% with federal government
Since 2012, the Entrepreneur Relations (ER) team had assisted more than 3060 Emirati SMEs in their licensing and registration processes (1939 trade licenses and 1121 Intelaq licenses).
Since this program was started, 330 GPP members have provided goods and services worth approximately AED 2.3 billion to the Government of Dubai.

Support Programs and Services for SMEs

- Business Planning
- Start-up Advisory
- Diploma in Entrepreneurship
- Short-term Trainings and Workshops
​- Idea Lab
- Pre-incubation
- Incubation Center
- Financial Advisory
- Credit Guarantee Scheme
Over the last 10 years, Dubai SME has provided business development and advisory services to around 18,500 entrepreneurs and has assisted launch of more than 1,500 local businesses.
Dubai Entrepreneur Academy provided training to more than 4,116 entrepreneurs and SME owners.
Since 2012, 500 entrepreneurs have graduated from the business incubation center. HI2 had supported the launch of 22 projects in different sectors (Media - Advertising and marketing – Tourism - Information technology management - Event management - Management development – Management and financial consultancy – Trade – Training) The idea lab in HI2 has helped 20 Emirati entrepreneurs to identify their business model by refining the business hypothesis, testing it and implementing it without committing too much time and resources.
The Fund has provided 435 entrepreneurs with financial advisory services.

Outreach Initiatives

Till 2014, around 10700 students had participated in the Young Entrepreneur Competition of Dubai SME with the launch than 3800 different projects.
From 2002 to 2015, around 228 entrepreneurs have been recognized through the Young Business Leaders awards.
In line with the strategy to groom promising SMEs, the Dubai SME 100 was launched to act as a platform and catalyst to identify high potential SMEs based in Dubai – to groom them to become bigger, better and sustainable enterprises; eventually graduating them to large globally-oriented companies. The number of companies applied for the raking in 2015 was 4,532 companies with an increase of 49% compared to 3,041 companies applied in 2013.
Overall, the Government is adopting a holistic approach to promote entrepreneurship and the growth of the SME sector in Dubai. A comprehensive range of programs and initiatives have been implemented to enhance specific aspects of the SME sector (including exports orientation, skill development, and regulatory environment, amongst others).

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