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Grow Your Business

We provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in the most prominent exhibitions and events at competitive prices to sell, display and market their products or services directly.

▪The enterprise shall be 100% owned and managed by UAE or GCC national(s)
▪ Copy of the passport
▪ Copy of the trade licence
▪ Copy of the Dubai SME membership
▪ Company Profile
▪ Logo of the Company
▪ List of products and prices (for F&Bs)

How to register
A programme that builds and qualifies entrepreneurs to meet the needs and requirements of the government, semi-government and private entities.

Programme Benefits:
▪ Allocating 10% of the government purchases to the members .
▪ Direct promotion for the members at the various entities.
▪ Providing members with proper opportunities for contracting with entities
▪ Free membership at Dubai Government E-Supply portal.
▪ Programme members exempted from fee for registration as approved supplier.
The enterprise shall be 100% owned and managed by UAE national(s)
▪ The activities shall meet the needs of the entities
▪ Copy of the passport
▪ Copy of the trade licence
▪ Signature Authorization Letter from the bank
▪ Audited financial report (for enterprises whose incorporation exceeds five years)

How to join the programme
Rate SME is the first in the region, providing a comprehensive view of the enterprise performance within a set of financial and non-financial evaluation criteria.

The Importance of the System
The system will act as an umbrella for government support for the rated enterprises, through a unique model of cooperation with a group of strategic partners from the public and private sectors to provide a package of benefits.

▪ Copy of the trade licence
▪ Audited financial report for two years at least
▪ Business continuity plan
How to apply
LPO finance 

Financing payable invoices until the enterpriser receives his dues.

Loan Value: From 10,000 to 1,000,000 dirhams with value assurance

Expansion loan
For existing businesses in the F&B sector who have been in the market for 2 to 5 years, who wish to develop and expand their business.
Loan Value: Maximum of 1 million dirhams

Asset finance 
For businesses existing in the market for 1 to 3 years, seeking to expand their business and activities by investing in equipment, machinery and commercial assets.
Loan Value: Maximum of 300,000 dirhams

Term finance 
Aims at supporting the businesses existing for 2 to 5 years, by providing cash to support operation and work costs until the contract value is received.
Loan Value: Maximum of 500,000 dirhams

Terms and conditions
  •  The enterprise shall be 100% owned and managed by UAE national(s).
  • Enterprise to be located in Dubai.
  • The applicant shall personally implement and develop the business plan.
  • The applicant should devote time and efforts for managing the enterprise.
  • The age of the enterpriser shall not be less than 21 or above 65 at the time of payment.
  • For those with new experiences in entrepreneurship; the enterprise should meet the requirements and be economically viable.
  • The minimum financial contribution of the applicant to the funding shall be 20%, according to the decision of the Committee and depending on the type of activity and the degree of the risk therein, and shall be paid in advance.
  • An operation manager and an accountant shall be appointed with the consent of the Fund before starting the enterprise.

How to register
Credit Bank Scheme
Entrepreneurs can obtain high-value credit loans through bank guarantee from one of our banking partners. Low interests, in addition to a grace period for loan repayment, to enable them to cover costs and generate profits.

Loan Value
1 million to 3 million dirhams

How to register
Crowdfunding in partnership with Beehive:
Innovative digital financial financing solutions for entrepreneurs through group and individual financing with an economic interest rate in addition to a guarantee of the value of the funded product by The Fund.

How to register: