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Mcledger Accounting

It is a financial technology platform providing digital accounting services, in addition to a unique blend of industry and artificial intelligence experts to keep daily ledgers and provide financial reports.

Privileges and support provided:

Package “A” includes the following:

  • Comprehensive training on the accounting application
  • Archiving the digital documents for 5 years
  • Tracking the sales and purchases
  • Estimation of revenues and costs (classified)
  • Financial statements
  • Cash management
  • Bank settlements and deferred cheques
  • Sales and purchases reports
  • Account receivable and account payable reports
  • Full VAT services, VAT consultations, support, and submission of VAT and VAT reports
  • Free application for revenue management and invoice payment
  • Tracking payments and receipts through our revenue management system
  • 150 sale and purchase transactions per month (unlimited sales invoices through revenue management application)
  • Free accounting consultation
  • The application is available on mobile phones and web (IOS, Android)
  • An entire accounting department on your mobile phone


Package “B” includes the following:

  • Unlimited number of invoices, sales orders, clients and items
  • Management of sales, delivery notes and credit notes
  • Comprehensive training on the accounting application
  • Classified sales reports (deferred receipts, paid or unpaid sales, most important clients, and most important items)
  • Tracking and reminding of unpaid invoices
  • Flexibility in allocating clients’ payments- VAT consultation
  • Registration/deregistration at the Federal Tax Authority
  • Preparing tax reports
  • Follow-up on tax procedures



Package “A” AED749/month + 3 months for free

Package “B” AED249/ month

Note: The privileges are available for citizens of the UAE and GCC countries.


Contact persons

Mohamed Habiba

Partnership Manager