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Sky River Systems

Faheema Mohammed Ali, founder of the Sky River Systems Company, has managed to create innovative devices that specialize in converting fog into water, and has achieved profits reached to 200% since the beginning of Covid-19 Corona pandemic.
She has developed a product that kills all types of viruses, which has received great acceptance from consumers.

During her work at Etihad Airways, she noticed that the fog phenomenon causes many obstacles for flights, they either got cancelled or postponed. She took advantage of the advanced technology used in the aviation sector to reduce fog problems by converting fog into water, and from here she decided to establish a company specialized in this field and contribute to the country’s efforts to achieve water self-sufficiency in the coming years.

In 2015, Fahima got a support to obtain Intelaq trade license from Dubai SME, Besides facilitating the process of getting contracts and agreements from private and government entities that are interested in her products.