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Request for Membership in the Government Procurement Program

An enabling and marketing service that builds and qualifies small and medium business to meet the needs and requirements of the government, semi-government and private entities through e-supply platform system (E-supply), or through the procurement systems of supporting entities.
Main Procedural Service
  • Copy of the passport.
  • Copy of the trade license.
  • Signature Authorization Letter from the bank
  • Audited financial report (for enterprises whose incorporation exceeds five years)
  1. The applicant submits the application via the Dubai SME website,
  2. The applicant obtains a government procurement membership certificate.
  3. The applicant receives the activation notification and the initial approval, with the completion of the data in the system by the applicant.
  4. Obtaining access to the system, and obtaining notices of tenders offered in the same activity.
Conditions for applying and obtaining government procurement membership:
The enterprise shall be 100% owned and managed by UAE national(s)
The enterprise and residence shall be in Dubai.
To be among the small and medium enterprises according to the definition of small and medium enterprises approved by the Ministry of Finance. The project must be licensed by the Jurisdiction authority in the Emirate of Dubai, including the free zones.
Free Service.  
All SME national enterprises in the Emirate of Dubai.
What is the Government Procurement Program?
It is a program that builds and qualifies entrepreneurs to meet the needs and requirements of the government, semi-government and private entities.
Allocating 10% of the government purchases to the members

What are the advantages of the Government Procurement Program?
Allocating 10% of the government purchases to the members.
▪ Direct promotion for the members at the various supporting entities.
▪ Providing members with proper opportunities for contracting with entities
▪ Free membership at Dubai Government E-Supply portal.
▪ Programme members exempted from fee for registration as approved supplier.

 What are the conditions for joining the government procurement program?
The enterprise shall be 100% owned and managed by UAE national(s)
Enterprise to be located in Dubai.
To be included in the criteria for defining the classification of small and medium enterprises.

What are the economic activities that are registered in the government procurement program?
All the activities that meet the needs of the supporting entities

Would the registered the members of the government procurement program be listed in the e-procurement portal of the Government of Dubai? (E-supply)?
Yes, national companies are listed on the portal after obtaining the membership of the establishment (valid)

Are there any fees on the registration for e-supply portal of the Government of Dubai? (E-supply)?
No, national companies are exempted from registration fees

What is the e-supply portal for Dubai Government? (E-supply)?
It is an electronic portal to display all tenders and contracts of government agencies and institutions registered in it.

Are there any fees to register my business with Dubai government agencies suppliers’ platform?
No, members of the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises Development are exempted from supplier registry fee.