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Supermarket Procurement

Privileges and support provided

  •  A 100% discount on the product entry fees
  • A 100% discount on the fees for company listing
  • A 50% discount on the return of estimated sales, which are the sales that are agreed upon at the beginning of the supply period or the beginning of each year.
  • Monthly payments for purchases, after a trial period of three months during which the second party monitors the process of order delivery efficiency.
  • Priority is given to purchases where the merchandise is received at the designated goods reception area.
  • Flexibility in scheduling supply of goods
  • A 50% discount on supplier card issuance fees


Contact person

 Mr. Ahmad Almarzooqi – Supermarket Purchases


  •  50% discount on the total value of promotional expenditures for advertisements made through the social media channels of the second party for the stores of members of the first party.
  • 50% discount on the value of the ads that members publish in the promotional offer’s magazines issued by Coop during the marketing campaigns it carries out throughout the year.


Contact person
Mr. Shuaib Elhamadi – Marketing

Privileges and support provided

  • Carrefour will provide a clear display space for local suppliers.
  • Carrefour to select suppliers and merchandise according to customers’ needs and trends.
  • Local suppliers can be listed as suppliers at Carrefour for free.
  • Carrefour will dedicate a space for each local supplier, based on availability.
  • Carrefour preserves the right to audit the safety, hygiene, and quality of all products (especially food items) before issuing the final approval to select suppliers.

Contact person


Mohamed Buhumaid Altamimi

Kristine Dayrit Bungualan