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Request for Granting Collateral for Crowdfunding

The service of providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises through the Fund’s credit guarantee to national enterprises in partnership with the “Beehive” platform, where the partner offers a new and innovative method of financing through the crowdfunding mechanism, and the loan is made available no later than one month from the date of submission, allowing the applicant to make payments in monthly soft payments of up to three years.
Subsidiary Procedural Service
  • Copy of National ID.
  • Copy of the Passport.
  • Copy of the Family Book.
  • Trade license (wholly owned by UAE nationals).
  • Obtaining a credit rating of “B” or above (the assessment is carried out by the partner).
  • Income statement for the project for a period of two years or more, indicating that there is a growth in profits.
  • Account statement for the project for one year.
  • Statement of cash flows for two years.
  • The project must have been in existence for at least two years, so that the total annual return for the project is not less than 2.5 million Dirhams annually.
  1. Sign up in the Fund's web
  2. Register on platforms website i.e.
  3. Submit documents as per checklist criteria to Beehive
  4. Obtaining accreditation and approval.
  5. The applicant signs the financing contract and the payment schedule, in addition to other documents, and obtains copies of them.
  6. The applicant registers on for Credit Guarantee service & uploads key documents (KYC & TL as per Fund’s checklist).
 Request for Consultation in Funding
The company can avail another loan after full settlement of the first loan subject to MBRF’s proposal review & approval
 By registering on the platform's website:
2% for 12-month loans
3% for 24-month loans
4% for 36-month loans
Individuals Category - New Entrepreneurs from Citizens.
Members Category - National Projects Owners.
What is Crowdfunding?
It is project financing by raising funds from a different number of investors through licensed digital platforms, in which investment returns are received on a monthly basis.

What is the minimum investment in the platform Beehive?
The minimum is 100 dirhams only.