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Request for Seed Loan

Provision of interest-free financial loans, so that the amount of financing does not exceed one million United Arab Emirates Dirhams, for a period not exceeding five years (not including the grace period of one to 24 months), payments are made monthly through soft and fixed premiums, and the service is a financing solution for new companies; to cover the costs of establishing new projects.
Main Procedural Service 
Copy of National ID.
Copy of the Passport.
Copy of the Family Book.
Business Plan (MBRF will provide business plan template)
Cash Flow Projection sheet includes: Cashflow Projection (for 24 months), Sales & Costing Assumptions Sheet, Expenses Assumption, Staffing Plan & Total Project Cost Breakdown. (MBRF will provide cash flow template)
Financial Feasibility Study
Updated resume/ CV.
Experience certificates in the field of the project (if any).
Trade license + Copy of the Memorandum of Association (not required for institutions owned by one individual) + Office from Ejari + Warehouse from Ejari (if any) - Applicable for existing businesses
Last 2 Year's Audited Financials / In House Financials + Bank Statements (for 6 months). In case of multiple active company accounts held by different banks, all accounts statements are required for audit. - Applicable for existing businesses
Valid lease/ Invoice or Offer of Prices from authorized supplier/ distributor/ plant
Submit Copies of pre / post-paid rental cheques, utility bills, proof of salary payments from the WPS and employee visa copies. (if applicable).
NOTE: The Foundation's credit team may request additional documentation
1-Register on the Fund's website:
2-Initial approval of the application, and directing the applicant to submit the application for the establishment loan.
3-The applicant meeting with the fund team to review the work plan, the financial plan, and related documents.
4-The applicant uploads the documents through the fund's website.
5-Field visit to view the existing project (if required).  
6-Presenting the idea/ request to the credit committee.
7-The applicant signs the financing contract and the payment schedule, in addition to other documents, and obtains copies of them.
Request for Consultation in Funding
To be the first funding service
Mohammed bin Rashid Fund for SME Website:
Individuals Category - New Entrepreneurs from Citizens.
Members Category - National Projects Owners.
How much is the maximum amount of funding through the fund?
1 million dirhams

How much is the interest rate?

How long is the repayment period?
Maximum period of 7 years, including grace period of two years

What is the Grace period duration?
 Minimum 1 month & Maximum 24 months

What are the financing solutions provided by the Fund?
The fund offers various solutions for new and existing projects

What is the eligible age group for financing the fund?
The age of the applicant must be between 21 and 65 years

What is the percentage of self-contribution by the entrepreneur?
The contribution rate exceeds 20% and is linked to the total project cost