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Request for Reschedule of Repayment

It is a service provided to existing applicants who benefit from the Fund's services, by submitting a letter requesting to postpone an installment of the loan provided by the Mohammed bin Rashid Fund to Support Small and Medium Enterprises.
 Supplementary Procedural Service
Request letter from the applicant.
Fill out the service submission form via e-mail.
1-Send a message via the unified Foundation
2-Communicating with the applicant and discussing the request
3-Notify the applicant of an electronic message of approval / rejection.
4-The applicant's signature on the updated payment schedule.
Be a current beneficiary of funding services
Foundation e-mail:
Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for SME Website:
Individuals Category - New Entrepreneurs from Citizens.
Members Category - National Projects Owners.
(Beneficiaries of Funding Services).
 How often is it allowed to use the service?
The service may be utilized only once, subject to approval by the Commission.