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Request for Amending License (Trade License or Intelaq License)

Amendment of Trade License/ Intelaq license in terms of modification of TL activities, license parties, managers, legal type or other form.
Supplementary Procedural Service
Copy of the trade license/ Intelaq license
1. Apply to Dubai SME by sending an email to
2. The applicant submits the required documents.
3. The Dubai SME representative communicates with the applicant to discuss the modification request. 
4. The applicant receives approval letter to modify license.
5. Refer to external service centers (outsourcing) to complete the modification procedures.
Request for Issuance/ Renewal of an Intelaq License
Or Request for Exemption License
The approval letter issued by the Dubai SME which is valid for six months.
  • UAE Nationals
  • GCC Nationals (UAE residents)
 24/7 via e-mail.
Is it possible to make any modification to the license, without obtaining prior approval from Dubai SME?
Yes, except for the following procedures:
Change of activity
Change of license parties.
Add/remove a manager
Change of Legal form

What are the fees for requesting a license modification?
No Charge

How can I apply for a license modification request?
Apply by sending a request to

What are the documents required to modify license request?
Copy of the trade license/ Intelaq license
Official request from the applicant.