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Request for Transferring Licensing Entity to Dubai Economy

Service for the of transferring the licensing entity of the exempted license to the Dubai Economic and Tourism Development, at the request of the entrepreneur.
Supplementary Procedural Service
  • Copy of the trade license.
  • Letter from the applicant.
  1. Apply to Dubai SME by sending an email to
  2. The applicant submits the required documents.
  3. The Dubai SME communicates with the applicant to discuss the request. 
  4. The applicant receives the approval letter for transferring the licensing authority to Dubai Economy.
  5. Refer to external service centers (outsourcing) to complete the procedures.
  • Request for Exemption License.
  • Request for Renewal Exemption License. 
The approval letter issued by the Dubai SME which is valid for six months.
  • UAE Nationals
  • GCC Nationals (UAE residents)
24/7 via e-mail.
Is it required that a specific period elapsed since the issuance of the license to convert the licensing Entity to Dubai Economy and Tourism?
In the first five years from the date of issuance of the license, it is possible to apply to transfer the licensing entity to the Dubai Economy, provided that the period remaining on the expiry of the license is not more than two months. 

How can I get the service?
Apply by sending a request to

What are the documents necessary for me to obtain a request to transfer the licensing entity to Dubai Economy?
Copy of the trade license.
Official letter from the project owner. 

What are the service fees?